RFSL 100 Mile

RFSL 100 Mile

For those who are not satisfied with kilometers, wish to test their limits to the full extent!

Get ready for a lifetime running experience on a path that out of this world!
10K, 20K, 40K, 80K and 100 Mile categories await for everyone from inexperienced runners to the professional athletes.

Runfire Salt Lake


Runfire Salt Lake Racecource 2019

Category Start Time Cut-Off Time Cut-off Hour
RFSL 100 mile Friday 6:00 pm 34 Hours 04:00 (am)

The racecourse of the Salt Lake is totally flat and there is no ascent or descent.

Runners are supposed to follow the course regarding the color code and the order stated on the graphic.

100 Mile runners are supposed to collect the different “wristbands” at the “wristband points (B.N)” and deliver them to the Checkpoint (CP 1) in every passage.

The course order will be as follows:
100 Mile (Colors will be followed by the order)

blue > green > orange > blue
This route is repeated 4 times and then reaches to the finish.

100 mile athletes will pass the CP1 for 12 times and pass DropBag CP for 3 times.
Participants may deliver their desired bag to be kept in the DropBag CP in order to use it during the race (in each pass of DropBag CP)


August 30th, 2019, Friday
10:00 Opening of the camp site
12:00 – 20:00 Registration & Delivery of Race Kits
12:00 – 14:00 100 Mile Pasta Party
16:00 100 Mile Technical Briefing
18:00 100 Mile Start
18:30 10K – 20K – 40K – 80K Pasta Party
20:00 10K – 20K – 40K – 80K Technical Briefing
August 31st, 2019, Saturday
06:00 – 07:00 Late Kit Delivery
07:00 40K & 80K Start
09:00 10K & 20K Start
10:30 Estimated First Finish (20K)
11:30 Estimated First Finish (40K)
13:30 Estimated First Finish (100 Mile)
14:00 Award Ceremonies (10K & 20K & 40K)
17:00 Estimated First Finish (80K)
September 1st, 2019, Sunday
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 Award Ceremonies (80K – 100 Mile)
10:30 Departure from the camp site


• The participation quota is limited with 1200 runners.
• Courses must be completed within the cut-off times given in the racecourse detail page of every category. Exceeding the time limit will result in disqualification.
• Participants have to stop by at the checkpoints of the given category. Not stopping by at the related checkpoints will result in disqualification.
• Participants will receive water and food (snacks) support at the checkpoints.
• There will be water support at checkpoints for every participant. All participants are supposed to get enough water. There will be a penalty if the runner gets a serum because of dehydration. (1st serum: 2 hours penalty, 2nd serum: 4 hours penalty, 3rd serum: disqualification.
• Participants are supposed to carry all the mandatory equipment stated in each category’s detail page. The ones who do not carry the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification. Referees and staff have a right to check the mandatory equipment in anytime during the race. For any reason, lack of any mandatory equipment will result in disqualification.
• Runners must be minimum 18 years old. 
• Littering in the race course will be punished with 2 hours at the first time, and result in disqualification in case it’s repeated.
• Participants are expected to fill in the form under the application tab on this website and deposit the fee for the relevant category for the registration to be completed. The bib numbers are obligatory to wear during the race and will be delivered at the registration desk on the indicated hours at the program.
• Cancellation and Refund policies are stated in the “Participation Fee” section.
• Registrations will be closed in July 22nd, 2019. After this date; no revision & change in the categories will be accepted.
In case of reaching participation quota, registrations might be closed before the given date.
• 100 mile participants must present their health report indicating that there is no obstacle to compete in the race. Kindly send your report’s copy to info@uzunteap.com and bring the original report to the event area.
Click here for health report example.
• Organizers and referees hold the right to disqualify a competitor at any stage of the race in case there is a health issue.
• Participants who fail to present mandatory equipment at the controls before the race are subject to disqualification.
• The race requires high level physical and mental endurance. Thus the competitors must be well prepared. Each runner signs a consent letter before the race.
• Professional rescue and health teams will be present during the race at all times. Ambulances and the medical teams will be on the designated points along the track. Medicals hold the right to disqualify a competitor in case there is a health issue. 
• The race can be cancelled or postponed due to force majeures and/or weather & ground conditions.
In case of cancellation or postpone, participants will be informed at least 7 days before the race.
The race director is responsible of the race track and management during the race. The map of the race course will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race course can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Race director briefs the competitors on the final information before the race.
• Runners can commit their precious belongings and other belongings to staff before the race. These will be returned at the end of the race. The responsibility of the equipment that will be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the runner.
• No refunds will be paid in case of absence of the mandatory equipment or breaking any of the rules above and in case of disqualification by the referee decision. 
• All registered runners are responsible for collecting their race kits before the race. No kits will be delivered after the race.
• All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.

Following situations will be resulted in disqualification.

• Not passing by the checkpoints.
• Littering in the racecourse (except the checkpoints)
• Shortcuts
• Not carrying the bib number and the chip system properly
• Refusing the health check or mandatory equipment check by the organizer
• Not carrying the mandatory equipment during the race.

All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.


• There will not be any Money prize in the race.
• All finishers receive a special race finisher medal.
• Runners who are ranked, will receive the trophy and special gifts from the organizer.
• Classification will be as follows:

    *General (Men & Women)
    *Women / Men Age < 35 (BD: 1985-2001)
    *Women / Men Age 35 – 49 (BD: 1970-1984)
    *Women / Men > 50 (BD: 1969 and before)

Paralympic Category
The classification for handicapped participants as follows:
1) Visual – Hearing – Upper extremity
2) Lower Extremity

All handicapped athletes will have special medal. Every athlete who ranked in 3 in each category will have the trophy.


Runfire Salt Lake Ultra 100 Mile registration fees as follows:

Early Reg. Std. Reg. Late Reg.
04.02.19 - 31.03.19 01.04.19 - 31.05.19 01.06.19 - 26.08.19
260 TL 290 TL 300 TL

* Paralympic category registrations are free.

Refund Policies
• Cancellation made before 01.04.2019 will incur a 20% charge.
• Cancellation made between 01.04.2019 - 01.07.2019 will incur a 30% charge.
• No REFUND will be made for the cancellation made after 24.07.2019.

Important points about entry:
• Registration to the organization is deemed to have been made by payment of the participation fee of the relevant category.
• Registration is only completed after the payment is made. 
• Participants have to present the mandatory equipment in order to collect the bib numbers.
• Registration fees or chest numbers cannot be transferred to another athlete.
• If it is desired to make changes in the categories after the final registration,
    *A fee with a lower participation fee will not be charged for a pass.
    *A charge difference is added to a categorization with a higher participation fee. The registration will be closed in July 22nd. Changes / transitions between categories cannot be performed after the registration is closed.

In case of reaching the quota (1200 participants), the registrations might be closed before the stated date.

• higher participation fee. The registration will be closed in July 22nd. Changes / transitions between categories cannot be performed after the registration is closed.

Services Included in Participance Fee
• Race Kits
    - Cloth Bag
    - Drop Bag
    - Bib Number
    - Race Chip
    - Tshirt
    - Tracking Device
• Food services
    - Pasta party (Will be given Friday, July 26th, 2019)
    - Participants may bring their own food and/or may purchase daily meals via the catering section in the event area.
    - Finisher meal box (Only for participants)
    - Water, tea and coffee services will be free of charge during the open hours of the buffet.
    - Hot water will be provided free of charge for those who wish the cook their own food.

IMPORTANT: Apart from the pasta party and the finisher meal boxes, there will NOT be any food options provided free by the organization.
• Accommodation
    - Free camping area for individual tents (No individual tents will be provided by the organization.
    Önemli notlar:
    - Organizasyon tarafından bireysel çadır verilmeyecektir. Dileyen yarışmacılar kendi çadırları ile alana gelebilir ve kendilerine tahsis edilen alanda çadırlarını kurabilirler.
    - Bireysel çadırlara ayrı bir elektrik hizmeti verilmeyecektir. Dileyen katılımcılar, büyük briefing çadırındaki ortak prizleri kullanabilirler.
    - Organizasyon tarafından sağlanacak ücretli çadır servisi detayları, yarış öncesi bu sayfada duyurulacaktır.
• Health care services
• Security services
• WC – shower services


Mandatory Equipment for 100 Mile:
- Health Report
- Mobile phone
- Whistle
- At least 1 liter of water bottle
- Cup (There will NOT be plastic cups at the checkpoints and NO water will be given in plastic water bottles.)
- Backpack to carry mandatory equipments
- Emergency blanket
- Reflective vest
- Mirror
- Hat / Bandana / Head Cover
- Plaster / Bandage
- Head lamp and spare batteries
- Lighter
- Compass (Digital phone compasses will be accepted)
- Food Support for emergency



- The race will take place in ŞEREFLİKOÇHİSAR area on the Salt Lake. 
- To reach to the campsite with your car, you can follow the marked point in the map: yandex.com.tr/harita/
- Transfer & Shuttle details specified below under the “TRANSFERS” headline.

Airport transfer service fee for ONE WAY is 20 TL per person.
Transfer registration form will be online later on here.

August 30, 2019, Friday 
Arrival Transfers

12:00 | 15:00 | 17:00 Şereflikoçhisar Coach Station – Event Area
15:00 Ankara Esenboğa Airport – Event Area

August 31, 2019, Saturday
10K & 20K & 40K Departure Transfers

15:30 Event Area – Şereflikoçhisar Coach Station
15:30 Event Area – Ankara Esenboğa Airport

September 1, 2019, Sunday
80K & 100Mil Departure Transfers

10:30 Event Area – Şereflikoçhisar Coach Station 10:30 Event Area – Ankara Esenboğa Airport

- Athletes who want to stay in the camp site can bring their own tents and settled in the area reserved for tent accommodation by the organization.
- There will NOT be any “individual tent” provided by the organization.
- The organization will provide YORUK TENTS (6 to 20 pax) with an extra charge. All the details and the fees will be announced later on here.

Not: For individual tents, it is advised to bring sleeping mat and sleeping bag.


• Although almost the entire route is flat, there will be grounds with irregular and variable hardness, so proper footwear selection and preparation process is very important. Air temperature and the length of the route are also important factors to be considered. The daytime temperatures in the region are about 33-35 degrees and the night temperatures are about 15 degrees. Proper material selection should be made taking into account the difference between day and night temperatures.
• In order to be successful in ultra-marathon, the next most important element of durability and condition is to have a proper diet before and during the race. The balance and strategy of nutrition during the race is as important as your physical endurance. It is appropriate to practice long courses. It is useful to practice running-walking alternatives while training.
• Walking / riding with a backpack puts a strain on different muscle groups. For this reason, at least a part of the training should be done with the backpack, preferably with the backpack to be used in the race, and with similar weight. It will be convenient to do preparation exercises with shoes and bags that you will use in the race.
• It is especially important to be accustomed to long exercises for the ultra-marathon category. At the start of the race, the body must be able to support a walk of at least 8 hours and fewer hops. If possible, training in the heat before the race may be important in terms of adapting the race.
• Strengthening of the back and back muscles is especially important when carrying bags.

Equipment Suggestions:
Shoes: Running or trekking shoes are recommended. In case of swelling and bandage, it is appropriate to wear 1-2 size bigger shoes. New shoes are definitely not recommended. It is recommended that you practice in the race with shoes beforehand.

Socks: Padded walking or running socks should be preferred. Having a separate sock for each day is suitable for foot health.

Hat and bandana: It is absolutely necessary to use a hat and / or bandana as it will be exposed to sunlight at high altitude during the marathon. Visor hats are recommended because it is also protective.

Sun Protection: Sunglasses are essential. It would be very difficult to complete these marathons without them. Sunscreens with high protective properties are absolutely necessary against exposure to high doses of UV rays.

Sleeping Bag: The region is expected to be accordingly.

Mat: The grounds can be stony and hard when camping. Therefore it is beneficial to bring a mat.

Food: In the ultra-marathon category, every runner is free to bring his/her own food. It is important to pay attention to salt intake. For this reason, it is recommended to consume plenty of salt and / or take salt tablets during the race. Food / nutritional supplements that are preferably intended to be consumed during running will be supplied by the runners and can be carried in backpacks.

Water Transport and Drinking Systems: Sufficient water will be provided at the control points. Drinking at intervals instead of drinking at once will be more effective and healthy. For this reason, water tanks should be preferred for hands-free running.


(total: 752)

100 Mil Registered Participants (27)

Name surname Nationality Gender Classification
barış yavuz Man 35-49
aleksandr kudriavtsev Man 35-49
mustafa kızıltaş Man 50+
şirin mine kılıç Woman 50+
mahmut yavuz Man 35-49
selcuk akbaba Man 35-49
ebru iney Woman 35-49
elshan guliyev AZ Man 35-49
nihat özen Man 35-49
vesile yılmaz anatca Woman 35-49
ferhat semiz Man 35-
kerem sadi ekiz Man 35-49
ihsan şal Man 50+
davut hazar Man 35-49
osman göğebakan Man 50+
önder duran Man 35-49
özden sertkaya Woman 35-49
rıza martaş Man 35-49
erkan yıldıran Man 35-49
hüseyin polat Man 50+
mecit çelebi Man 50+
zafer dinç Man 50+
tamer ersöz Man 50+
taner damcı Man 50+
ali çelik Man 50+
sezgin sarban Man 50+
deniz çiçek Woman 35-49

80k Registered Participants (16)
Name surname Nationality Gender Classification
salih bulut Man 35-
ali kaytan Man 50+
yasin ünal Man 35-49
kıvanç ergun ergun Woman 35-49
oksana riabova Woman 35-
tamer kurt Man 35-49
mustafa güler Man 35-49
serdar özer Man 35-49
baybars alpaslan Man 35-49
yeliz çelik Woman 35-49
narmin guliyeva Woman 35-49
hasan onat Man 50+
onur günduru Man 35-49
oral akkose Man 35-49
salih karacan Man 35-49
cihan çelebi Man 35-

40k Registered Participants (95)
Name surname Nationality Gender Classification
volkan murat uzun Man 35-
meriç aşer Man 35-
suat ipekoğlu Man 35-49
ahu yetiş Woman 35-49
ali elgün elgün Man 50+
hüseyin doğan Man 35-49
harun erbil Man 35-49
mehmet ali uzun Man 35-49
murat esenoluk Man 35-49
burak abacıoğlu Man 35-
ekrem taşkın Man 35-49
kadir çelik Man 35-49
sedat kurtuluş Man 35-49
orhan bağlan Man 35-49
merve arslan Woman 35-49
cengiz yıldırım Man 50+
emin özmen Man 50+
ismail karacaoğlu Man 35-49
erçin baysal Man 35-49
yonca eroglu Woman 35-49
uğur pusat Man 35-49
levent kurtoglu Man 35-49
zafer özer Man 35-49
aykut ceylan Man 35-
ömür çakır Man 35-49
mehmet önelge Man 35-49
ahmet süha kılıçoğlu Man 35-
sacit ağca Man 50+
yusuf biltekin Man 35-49
halil oruç Man 35-
eyüp kutluhan doğan Man 35-49
mahmut burak aydoğan Man 35-
akın esgin Man 35-49
enginalp leblebici Man 35-
serkan saktanber Man 35-49
özgür arun Man 35-49
şaban doğan Man 35-49
ekrem taşkın Man 35-49
banu kiper Woman 35-49
umit emre erdogan Man 35-
mehmet ali kırmızıoğlu Man 35-49
murat kale Man 35-49
can uğur Man 35-
merve ülker Woman 35-49
kubilay yıldırım Man 35-49
trudy kerr MT Woman 35-49
bülent bilgin Man 35-49
alptuğ özer Man 35-
feras khader Man 35-
pelin börcek Woman 35-49
ulas tol Man 35-49
emin erol Man 50+
levent barut Man 35-
cihat barut Man 35-
tamer kılıç Man 35-49
cengiz koçak Man 35-49
michael bartlett Man 50+
hacı halil osman Man 35-49
evin tan Woman 35-49
francesco boari Man 35-49
yasemin göktaş Woman 35-49
tolga ugurel Man 35-49
ahmet şentürk Man 35-
tuğba kızgınçelik Woman 35-49
utkan corbacioglu Man 35-49
mehmet aydıngör Man 35-
orkun güncan Man 35-49
mustafa uğur çolak Man 35-49
erol uzun Man 50+
süleyman burak ünal Man 35-49
mehmet parlak Man 50+
serpil budak Woman 35-49
eren mumcu Man 35-
kubilay sezgin Man 35-
süleyman çetiner Man 35-49
emirhan battalcioglu Man 35-49
enes deveci Man 35-
kevin muscat Man 50+
sedat serçe Man 35-49
ekrem ipek Man 50+
emre ikizler Man 35-49
suphi yılmaz Man 35-49
sayım gökyar Man 35-
ceyhun esen Man 35-49
alparslan tütüneken Man 35-49
hasan aksöz Man 35-
cihan karakır Man 35-49
cüneyt duranlıoğlu Man 35-
ilker duranlıoğlu Man 35-49
can uğur oflamaz Man 35-
feyyaz döner Man 35-
mahmut akkus akkus Man 35-49
nilüfer kunt Man 50+
osman taylan kabak Man 35-49
schlett stefan De Man 50+

20k Registered Participants (339)
Name surname Nationality Gender Classification
murat korkmaz Man 35-49
engin al Man 35-
özay tanrıver Man 35-49
emıne kasap Woman 35-49
caner aksoylu Man 35-
burçak benli Woman 35-49
mine ece Woman 35-
doruk bozbey Man 35-49
mustafa zahid yıldız Man 35-49
ertuğrul önem Man 35-
ece özkul Woman 35-
mehmet özgür özmen Man 35-49
özgür emre gültekin Man 35-49
canan karadaş Woman 35-
melike ayas Woman 35-49
zeliha inci asal Woman 35-
murat taştan Man 35-49
cengiz babacan Man 35-
deniz cereb Woman 35-
hande coşkun Woman 35-49
tarık anbarcı Man 35-
sait eryılmaz Man 35-49
birgül atasayar Woman 35-49
barış güroler Man 35-49
derya kılıç Man 35-49
fatma duman Woman 35-49
halil kaynak Man 35-49
gokhan urul Man 35-
mehmet türkmen Man 35-49
ilker yenice Man 35-49
renata eremeeva Woman 35-
semih ural Man 35-49
esra arıcı Woman 35-49
yılmaz ahçıoğlu Man 50+
cüneyt polat Man 35-
atilla ersen öztekin Man 35-
çağrı ünal Man 35-
mert yalçın Man 35-49
melis gülerdi Woman 35-
özün karaahmetoğlu Man 35-
erkan bacak Man 35-49
mustafa kütük Man 35-49
yunus emre eminler Man 35-
enes eminler Man 35-
osman ayar Man 35-49
burak karadağ Man 35-49
mehmet okan Man 35-49
selma kılıç Woman 35-49
ali coşkun duyak Man 50+
havva uzun Woman 35-
adife altınok Woman 35-49
mehmet pars sezer Man 50+
emre döğer Man 35-
fevzi uzgişi Man 35-49
mehmet masum karaaslan Man 35-49
yakup gündür Man 35-49
gokhan yasan yasan Man 35-49
süleyman kara Man 35-49
avsin kasikci Man 35-49
hasan güder Man 35-49
sinem özmen Woman 35-49
vedat kalfa Man 35-49
pelin şengün Woman 35-
sefa börekçi Man 35-49
yaşın anıl bilensoy Woman 35-49
melih önyer Man 35-49
ijlal kılıç Woman 35-49
mükerrem melisa hazar çallı Woman 35-49
özge uzun Woman 35-
selda çavdar Woman 35-49
mine aladağ aladağ Woman 35-49
ufuk pusat Man 35-49
erkan kuran Man 35-49
süleyman kara Man 35-49
alpay guneralp Man 35-49
osman demirhan Man 35-49
deniz özçiftci Woman 35-
didem aydoğan Woman 35-49
nihat diler Man 50+
cem ilgün Man 35-49
çağdaş özer Woman 35-49
irfan çelik Man 35-
nusret erkan topçu Man 35-
cem ismail değer Man 35-
serkan ünlü Man 35-
sercan albayrak Man 35-49
elbeyi karakoç Man 35-49
nuran baykal Woman 35-49
murat fahrettin demirkan Man 35-49
alper başbay Man 35-49
umut arat arat Man 35-49
metin alp Man 50+
sevim özdemir Woman 50+
sinan gürsoy Man 35-49
merve hacıhasanoğlu Woman 35-
ceyda zaptikar Woman 35-49
yurtseven bolatlı Man 35-49
oktay aksoy Man 35-
nihat altınbaş Man 35-49
emine altınbaş Woman 35-49
necdet özkan Man 50+
rıza köse Man 35-49
altug dincgor Man 50+
emre bağdat Man 35-49
ceyda yıldız Woman 35-49
meltem aydın Woman 35-49
aysel aydın Woman 35-
ahmet murat bana Man 50+
özlem can uğursal Woman 35-49
caner gür Man 35-49
özgür baysöz baysöz Man 35-49
kamil gün Man 35-
zeynep ançel Woman 35-
ahmet yıldıztaş Man 35-
emin emre eren Man 35-49
deniz eylem serter Man 35-49
pınar duman erdem Woman 35-49
önder aydemir Man 35-49
eren şengün Man 35-
gökhan kara Man 35-49
ali tabak Man 35-49
tamer aker Man 50+
emine bayrak Woman 50+
fatma ülker bircan Woman 35-
ömer bircan Man 35-
bülent kara Man 50+
burcu kocavelioğlu Woman 35-
damla sonat Woman 35-49
tim spurling GB Man 35-49
irfan altaş Man 35-
merve gündüz altaş Woman 35-
çağlar yergök Man 35-49
büşra karataş yergök Woman 35-
ugur ernalbant Man 35-49
cumhur amasyalı Man 35-49
gökçe bilgin Woman 35-49
nurcan arıcan Woman 35-
firdes mehmetoğlu Woman 50+
çiğdem çetinkaya Woman 35-49
vedat yumşak Man 50+
yasemın özgan Woman 35-
hakan kahramanoğlu Man 50+
ulus sığırcı Man 50+
nataliia dvoinieva Woman 35-49
dmytro serkov Man 35-49
tuğba hunili Woman 35-
barış akçalı Man 35-49
huseyin aktürk Man 50+
ahmet şahinöz Man 35-
onur ünal Man 35-
oray güngör Man 35-49
sarp unlutokmak Man 35-49
salim akdaş Man 35-49
murat duman Man 35-
kaan oflaz Man 35-
liviu calin nicoara Man 50+
çınar uzun Man 35-49
ıbrahım ozeren ozeren Man 35-49
semin özeren Man 35-
aydın soner eren Man 35-
sedat yıldırım Man 50+
turan geç Man 35-
volodymyr burdyko Man 35-
vehbi kerem koseoglu Man 35-49
andrii ocheretiuk Man 35-
dilem koçak Woman 35-49
vlad kutsey Man 35-
ıltem karakuş Man 35-49
emre şahin Man 35-49
neslihan özbek Woman 35-49
emre özgümüş Man 35-49
gokce bayrak Woman 35-49
patryk woszczek Man 35-
sibel dilcan Woman 35-49
seydihan yiğit Man 35-
nisan papila Woman 35-
faruk erdem dönmez Man 35-
murat akyiğit Man 35-49
mehmet sarıdedeoğlu Man 35-49
ali orkun yalım Man 35-49
efe semih canbay Man 35-
can özkaner Man 35-
karol bogus Man 35-49
vanessa tinker USA Woman 35-49
mustafa kemal özel Man 35-49
dawid tuszkiewicz Man 35-49
aytaç gültekin Man 35-
umit zengin Man 35-49
erme onat Man 35-49
murat türkçelik Man 35-49
tobias schlapfer Man 35-
kemal ozdemir Man 50+
cem eser yola Man 35-49
hüseyin erim Man 50+
atıl yakın Man 35-49
ismail ozdamar Man 35-
philip de waal Man 50+
judith slater Woman 50+
burcu sönmez Woman 35-49
murat baran avcı Man 35-
kamil gültepe Man 35-
cemran kırkpınar Man 35-49
serhan demirtaş Man 35-49
osman deger ozkok Man 35-49
serkan şahin Man 35-49
ashley simon Woman 35-
ekin polat Woman 35-49
özgür kızıloğlu Man 35-49
suleyman cavusoglu Man 35-
ismet akçay Man 50+
idris gülsever Man 35-49
ismail serdar kuzucu Man 50+
serdar elgün Man 35-49
onur ernalbant Man 35-49
chenthuran balasubramaniam Man 35-49
turker nazlıaka Man 35-49
fevzi çelik Man 35-49
halit tunç Man 50+
esin çavga Woman 35-49
nazik selcen yıldız Woman 35-
mehmet ali meriç Man 50+
ayşe ertürer Woman 35-49
erdal çırak Man 35-49
anıl yaprakçı Man 35-49
kadriye arslan Woman 35-49
savaş arson Man 50+
altar ağva Man 35-49
ebru ağva Woman 35-49
ayşenur kozanoğlu güyük Woman 35-
metin özvarna Man 50+
erkan yallıoğlu Man 35-49
ülkü coşkunoğlu Woman 35-49
banu aktaş yılmaz Woman 35-49
gamze erdemir Woman 35-49
merve başdemir Woman 35-
gül erdemir Woman 35-
zeynep görpe Woman 35-49
ceren sahin Woman 35-49
ömer furkan Man 35-49
berna betül öztürk Woman 50+
ali osman şapcı Man 50+
fahri akyol Man 50+
utku gür Man 35-
müge daştan Woman 35-49
atilla inceelli Man 35-49
begüm feyzioğlu Woman 35-
ruhi ceylan Man 50+
erhan güler Man 50+
tolga sagit Man 35-49
güven kara Man 35-49
mehmet küçükyılmaz Man 35-49
özgül küçük Woman 35-49
elsa natan Woman 35-49
ıbrahım keser keser Man 35-49
ömer faruk kutluer kutluer Man 35-
ihsan karagoz Man 50+
erçin çaçan Man 35-49
songul sonmez Woman 35-49
sevinc guler Woman 35-49
m. ilker çınar Man 35-49
pınar ceylan Woman 35-
mehmet osman döner Man 35-
nazile bedel çağlar Woman 35-49
gözde uysal Woman 35-49
ozlem ozturk Woman 35-
şeymanur yıldırım Woman 35-
emine aymelek kozikoğlu Woman 50+
mehmet çetin Man 35-49
gürkan altıkarış Man 35-
oğuzcan çığ Man 35-49
buğrahan cemil uslu Man 35-
zak mahdoudou Man 35-
özgür çelikkaya çelikkaya Man 35-49
yılmaz karamanoğlu Man 35-49
mehmet hakan sunar Man 35-49
yusuf özay Man 35-
vedat ülkü Man 35-49
tüzbent musayeva Man 50+
berkan süren Man 35-49
yavuz karaburun Man 35-
salih barışık Man 35-49
önder aydemir Man 35-49
gürsu kıyan Man 50+
ferhat sevil Man 35-49
emir faysal sayar Man 35-
kaan arıcı Man 35-
serdar çağlar Man 35-49
ahmet erdem hayırlı Man 35-
pınar gülkapan Woman 35-49
ferhat toprak Man 35-49
burcu suzan Woman 35-49
ali etemad Man 35-49
oktay bostan Man 35-49
hasan çağlar ceylan Man 35-
serdar tüysüz Man 35-
davut arslan Man 35-49
burçin uğur san Man 35-49
kamıl kocak Man 50+
kerem çamlıbel Man 35-49
ercüment yakar Man 35-
dilara atasyas Woman 35-
nedim urcan Man 35-49
fatih durhasan Man 35-49
gülseren yıldız erdoğan Woman 50+
aykut üstündağ Man 50+
baykal tülek Man 35-49
sezer aydin Woman 35-49
banu aktaş yılmaz Woman 35-49
osman duman Man 35-49
aynur kırımlı Woman 50+
adnan ek Man 50+
mehtap kantemir Woman 35-49
seyhan erdem Woman 35-49
idil özer Woman 35-
ahmet ercan turan Man 35-49
gökşin ılıcalı Man 50+
emre caglayan Man 35-49
ışıl kaya Woman 35-49
ergin baran Man 35-
ramazan yeşil Man 35-49
tanju baş Man 50+
hayrullah atalar Man 50+
fatma ovacık Woman 35-49
barış çetin Man 35-49
mehmet evliyaoğulları Man 35-49
abdullah guzey Man 35-49
buket meric Woman 35-49
mustafa tekinel Man 35-49
çetin demirci Man 35-49
sınan akyazı Man 35-
recep murat güler Man 35-49
aziz makhmudov Man 35-
fatma özel Woman 35-
ece celik celik Woman 35-
bülent özcan Man 35-49
meltem alikan Woman 35-
emircan kaya Man 35-
aslıhan ikizoğlu Woman 35-
cihan örki Man 35-49

10k Registered Participants (275)
Name surname Nationality Gender Classification
sennur zorer Woman 50+
şeyma cevizci Woman 35-
onur murat inal Man 35-49
mustafa yılmaz Man 35-49
huseyin keles Man 35-
damla kadıoğlu Woman 35-49
salih aslan Man 35-
mehmet ali kiper Man 50+
gazi zorer Man 50+
doğan yayalar Man 35-49
aslı deniz acun Woman 35-49
feriha tülümen Woman 35-49
ozan dağdelen Man 35-
sıtkı gönen Man 50+
ışıl gündüz Woman 35-49
anıl toraman Man 35-
elis karadeniz Woman 35-49
mehmet özbaydar Man 50+
aslı özbaydar Woman 35-49
kerem özbaydar Man 35-
duygu a Woman 35-
andaç ayaz çetinkaya Man 35-49
tolga soykan çetinkaya Man 35-49
göknur topaloğlu Woman 35-
mehveş çorbacıoğlu Woman 35-49
barış gülcü Man 35-49
nevin yaprak Woman 35-49
huriye özçiftci zeybek Woman 35-49
dilek çetinkol Woman 50+
elif oymak Woman 35-
ceren kanlıöz Woman 35-
rabia ozer ozer Woman 35-49
nazlı kaynak Woman 35-
elif şimşek topçu Woman 35-49
songül albayrak Man 35-49
batuhan ünal Man 35-
can batur Man 35-
emre anıl kımıl Man 35-
mustafa aldı Man 35-
nilay tascioglu Woman 35-
çağrı özcan Man 35-
başak ağdaş Woman 35-49
ayben güvenç Woman 35-49
erdi kılıç Man 35-
songül şimşek Woman 35-49
berkıt cetın Woman 35-49
yiğit tuzcu Man 35-
merve ansız Woman 35-
inci damla çiyan Woman 35-49
azra nihan aykanat Woman 35-
maral sağbazar Woman 35-
tuğçe fışkın genç Woman 35-49
yasin genç Man 35-49
esra kısa Woman 35-
melda köse Woman 35-49
gülsen koçak Woman 35-
ozlem bahar bagdat Woman 35-49
burçin önalan Woman 35-
jale zheng Woman 35-49
yasemin yıldırım Woman 35-49
gökçen uslular Woman 35-49
duygu akbulut akbulut Woman 35-
gizem yıldıztaş Woman 35-
sibel dalgıç Woman 35-49
özgül dizman Woman 35-49
onur tezel Man 35-49
altuğ narin Man 35-49
kamil uzgur Man 35-
fıdan cenal Woman 35-
aynur andaç Woman 35-49
serap uzun Woman 35-49
burcu gökçe Woman 35-
tolga dener Man 35-49
kadriye kerimoğlu Woman 35-49
ozgur eryigit Man 35-
maria belousova Woman 35-
erinç giniş Man 35-49
aras erdem güzel Man 35-
beril kumsal Woman 35-
kübra yüksel Woman 35-
necati karabucak Man 35-
dilhan özer Woman 35-49
eray can ateş Man 35-
bora uysal Man 35-49
ahu selin ay Woman 35-49
lale eymen gülderen Woman 35-
uğur reis dülek Man 35-
merve özmen Woman 35-
emrah gürol Man 35-
sinem yalçınkaya Woman 35-
dilek konukcu Woman 35-
savaş koç Man 35-49
seda gazioglu Woman 35-
tuna aykent tunçman Man 35-
selen begüm uzun Woman 35-
vıra lutsenko Woman 35-
esat özsırkıntı Man 35-49
serpil ünüvar Woman 35-49
hasan gümüşkıran Man 35-49
yağız gökmen Man 35-
zeynep dilan çelik yol Woman 35-49
feyzi emrah başar Man 35-
ebru kaya başar Woman 35-49
nilifer ergene Woman 35-49
pınar artaç Man 35-
kemal kaldırım Man 35-
olha demianovych-maksymenko Woman 35-
yasemin alan Woman 35-
duygu binici Woman 35-
mehmet mutlu Man 35-49
seval avcı Woman 35-
nuriye kaymak Woman 35-49
yasin kansu Man 35-49
oğulcan köksal Man 35-
urcun canel Man 50+
alp biricik Man 35-49
cengiz tamer mutlu Man 35-49
volkan baş Man 35-49
caner könülşök Man 35-49
figen kiper Woman 35-49
kerem aksüt Man 35-49
deniz gokalp Woman 35-
imer yeniçeri Woman 35-49
hilal baykara Woman 35-49
ferhan öz Man 50+
leyla sarıoğlu uzun Woman 35-49
münibe bengü kal Woman 50+
ugur kal Man 50+
ayşe kurşuncu Woman 35-49
arda erel Man 35-49
musa tütüneken Man 35-49
tulu karagöz Woman 35-49
elifcan kıvrak Woman 35-
ozan hoşyılmaz Man 35-
muhammet turan helvacıoğlu Man 35-
insu tezkan Woman 35-
osman kadir topuz Man 35-49
hülya kirenci Woman 35-
çiler ezgi baykan Woman 35-
emine çağlayan Woman 35-49
utku zafer ercan Man 35-49
ümit can Man 35-49
osman tütüneken Man 35-
fatma gulhan corman Woman 50+
serdar özer Man 35-49
melda tırpancı Woman 35-49
mert bahçecik Man 35-
kaya zorlu Man 35-
kerem vural Man 35-
irem ataç alıcıoğlu Man 35-
tuğba ildaş Woman 35-
fatih mehmet yılmaz Man 35-49
halil mercan Man 35-
ender kıvanç kunt Man 35-49
eda akgüller Woman 35-
mustafa arac Man 35-49
tugce kucukonder Woman 35-49
meric kiremitci Woman 35-
beyza ataker Woman 35-
mehmet berk ataker Man 35-
meral kocameşe Woman 35-
ismail onur parlak Man 35-49
rabia ergin Woman 35-49
tunç alıcıoğlu Man 35-
pinar bilican Woman 35-49
duygu hilal akca Woman 35-
şaziye özçelik Woman 35-
murat tokkacı Man 35-49
kadir furkan ilçi Man 35-
ozlem aksel basboga GBR Woman 35-49
murat basboga GBR Man 35-49
tuba tok Woman 35-
duygu yön Woman 35-49
handan tuğce kaygusuz Woman 35-
volkan öztürk Man 35-49
rifat ayhan tekyiğit Man 50+
baki akçal Man 35-
alev öngül Woman 35-49
burcu çelikel Woman 35-49
tunca başaran Man 35-
ahmet özler Man 50+
doğuşcan öztaş Man 35-
ıtir koymen Woman 35-
oya fadıloglu Woman 35-49
levent fadıloglu Man 35-49
selin altintas Woman 35-
şeyda gezmen Woman 35-
sadık özcan Man 35-49
gizem cumalıoğlu Woman 35-
hatice guler Woman 35-49
semra celebi Woman 35-49
sedat kaplan Man 35-
hakkı merter pıçakcı Man 35-49
hakan akalp Man 35-
gonca özgün Woman 35-49
gökhan baycan Man 35-
tuna cildam Man 35-49
irem maksutoğlu Woman 35-
çiğdem onur Woman 35-49
mürüvvet peker Woman 35-
gürşah çekiç Man 35-
nihal kılıç Woman 35-
alara yildiz Woman 35-
ıtır erhart Woman 35-49
yaşar sevinç Man 35-
beyza eryürek Woman 35-49
ayberk yağız Man 35-49
bünyamin topçu Man 35-
abdullah recep diler Man 35-49
melike cana terzioğlu Man 35-
ayça sarı Woman 35-49
serhan tuncer Man 35-49
mustafa akpınar Man 35-49
ümit karabürk Man 35-49
nihan lafcı Woman 35-49
erkan saydık Man 35-49
emine başarır Woman 35-49
senem üstün Woman 35-49
ilhan şen Man 35-
burak topçu Man 35-
çetin kuşçuoğlu Man 35-49
fatih aldemir Man 35-49
hakan ağarer Man 35-49
canan adıgüzel Woman 35-
mehmet bilgin Man 35-49
aykut bal Man 35-
elif numanoğlu Woman 35-
cian ertetik Man 35-
ceyda kıran Woman 35-49
begüm ata Woman 35-49
ziya er Man 35-
caner ekti Man 35-49
ısabel lale erhart Woman 35-
hamza arıcı Man 35-
ismail demirel Man 35-
fatma buse eriş Woman 35-
fadime düğencioğlu Woman 35-
hatice esin Woman 35-
hüseyin çalışkan Man 35-
muhammet yasin güler Man 35-
elif köroğlu Woman 35-
mohammed alsaud IRQ Man 35-
kadriye nur bakırcı Woman 35-
merve seda şurgun Woman 35-
cansu çatakkaya Woman 35-
ömer faruk eke Man 35-
mustafa eral Man 35-
yağmur ılıcalı Woman 50+
ebru ılıcalı Woman 50+
mert callı Man 35-49
şule şen Woman 35-49
defne tokay Woman 35-49
katibe ates Woman 35-
nadira odurakaeva Woman 35-
refika didem eler Woman 35-49
zeynep buharalı Woman 35-
hakan görkey Man 35-49
tugce arac Woman 35-49
azmi bilen Man 35-49
ali can bildik Man 35-
kasım biçer Man 35-
elif özen Woman 35-
yavuz selim öztaş Man 35-49
levent elibol Man 35-
nil ece beken Woman 35-49
devrim akbudak Man 35-49
ırem korkmaz Woman 35-
aynur aydoğan Woman 35-49
adem karahan Man 35-49
serhat ilhan Man 35-49
ibrahim ethem afacan Man 35-
seda öztürk Woman 35-
musa kurtulmuş Man 35-
yakup uslu Man 35-49
hümeyra nur demir Woman 50+

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